Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Notes -4/17

Let's of random things to talk about. Carlos Quentin came off the DL, and Brian Barden was sent back down to AAA Tucson. Quentin had two doubles off Bard Penny in his first appearence of the season, going 2-4 on the day. Unfortunately, due to computer troubles yesterday, Quentin was left on the bench in my fantasy team. Oh well.


Luis Gonzalez's was largely uneventful. He had a standing ovation in his first at bat - which i might add was rightfully deserved - but went 0 for 4, with two strike outs. He did have a rare outfield assist, helping Rafael Furcal throw Chad Tracy out at home. All though I have to say, that was definately a blunder on the part the part of third base coach Chip Hale. We were all ready down 3-0 with 2 outs. If Tracy hadn't been sent around, we'd have had two runners in scoring positon for Connor Jackson, who was due up next. Being overly aggressive on the base past ended the rally, and potentially cost us the game. I like aggresive base running, but I think this team needs to be a little more intelligent on the base paths.


Randy Johnson will make one more start in AAA Tucson on Thursday, and is slated to start on the 24th against the Padres. Someone will have to be sent down to make room, and it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Micah Owings and Dustin Nippert are the likely candidates, but both have pitched extremely well. Nippert has been untouchable in his three outings, striking out two, and giving up only one hit and no walks. Micah Owings has been extremely effective, with a 1.59 era in 11 innings, with a k/bb of 11/4. There aren't any guys that are struggling enough to warrant being sent down, and those who are, can't. The only guy besides Nippert and Owings that could be sent down is Brandon Medders, who's been by far the most hittable guy in the bullpen, with a 5.40 ERA. I'd like to see Nippert used more by Bob Melvin in the coming week, just to see if he deserves to stay up with the big club. This should be something to watch in the coming week. Owings gets the start today against Brett Tomko.


The Diamondbacks held first place over the weekend, but not only did they lose the game 5-1 to the Dodgers last night, they also lost first place in the NL West. TheDbacks are now 9-5, and a half game out of first place. Hopefully they split series against the Dodgers by getting a win tonight.

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