Saturday, July 22, 2006

Gonzo in the news again..

Dbacks won last night, and Gonzo has made the news again

First from the Arizona Republic

"On Friday, while standing at his locker before a National League West showdown with Colorado, the Diamondbacks left fielder again felt he needed to set the record straight, this time regarding his own comments.

"I was upset about the way I was perceived (Friday) morning," Gonzalez said. "When I picked up the paper, it made me look like an (expletive), and I'm not. I care about every guy on this team."
His beef: He simply wanted to play, just like any athlete under similar circumstances.

"There are guys in this league that have a hangnail or a pulled muscle and want to come out of the lineup, and I've never been one of those guys," Gonzalez said. "I've played (in the past) with a torn ligament in my elbow for 3 1/2 months when I should've had surgery. For somebody to say I'm selfish, that's just not the case." on gonzales from last night and this morning.

Quentin said: "He came up and talked to me, but he really didn't have to. It was a classy thing to do."

Melvin said the incident was blown out of proportion and mostly was his fault. In hindsight, the manager questioned his timing, starting Quentin on his promotion day.
"I didn't communicate with Gonzo as much as I should have," Melvin said. "Maybe getting Carlos in here for a couple days, he's on the bench a couple days and now Gonzo gets a day off, maybe that's a better way to do it. My timing was bad."

Gonzalez, 38, was back in the lineup Friday and batting third, but he again pointed out that his days in Arizona are probably numbered.
"They're not going to pick up my option," he said. "Who's going to pick up my option at $10 million? I'm not stupid. I've been playing long enough. I know what's going on."
And from Ken Rosenthal's latest, taken straight from BTF's Primer. The Texas Rangers are looking at Gonzo.
Gonzalez, 38, would fit for the Rangers as a left-handed hitting outfielder and DH. The Rangers continue to look for pitching, but apparently are confident that the pending returns of right-handers Adam Eaton and Kameron Loe from injuries will bolster their staff.

The Rangers entered Saturday a half-game out of first in the AL West while the Diamondbacks were a game back in the NL West. But Gonzalez, who played for Rangers manager Buck Showalter in Arizona, might be ready to leave one contender for another, knowing the Diamondbacks are unlikely to exercise his $10 million option for 2007.

Gonzalez was infuriated several weeks back when Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick linked him to steroid rumors. He was rankled again Thursday when the team benched him for rookie Carlos Quentin, who proceeded to hit a home run in his major-league debut.

Before waiving his no-trade clause, Gonzalez likely would want to know more from the Rangers about his role this season and beyond. He could ask for a one-year extension of his contract at a salary lower than his option number.

I'm tired as shit, and have plans for the night, but I'll probably come back later tonight or tommorow with some more commentary on this. But for now, please leave some comments and feedback.

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