Sunday, July 23, 2006

A statement I will stick by.

I'm a gambling man.

If the team traded, moved, DFA'd Shawn Green, Eric Byrnes, Counsell/Hudson, Batista and Gonzo. In addition they got another starter that can put up an ERA of 3-4.
They put this line up as the every day starters.

1b Conor Jackson
2b Hudson/Callaspo
SS Stephen Drew
3b Chad Tracy
LF Scott Hairston
CF Chris Young
Rf Carlos Quentin
C Johnny Estrada/Chris Snyder

The rookies will play exceptional defense, and will hit with some ferocity... Webb will be his usual self. Enrique Gonzales, Micah Owings, Edgar Gonzales, Juan Cruz, Dustin Nippert, and pitcher X... out of these players, a solid rotation will form, and one of those will emerge as a solid number 2 starters.
I'm saying if the diamondbacks did this today. If they did this year. If they sold of all veterans, it wouldn't be them giving up on the season... they would be building for a run THIS YEAR. They'll win the division, and they'll actually be a legitimate threat for the WS title....

And I think Josh Byrnes plan is pretty much the one I've just laid out. If he doesn't sell the Vets now, he's an idiot. There's a reason why the Sidewinders are the best team in the PCL. All the Scouts and stats can't be wrong about these guys. The writing is on the wall.


Anonymous said...

Youth is great, but nothing plays like experience. You can't turn a AAA team into a major league team and expect them to win the pennant. won't happen

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can. By letting these AAA kids play at the major league level. where do you think Jeter came from? RJ? Beltran? Do you think they grow on trees?