Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tidbits + BIG NEWS

I'm back from Tucson. I had a bunch of doctor's appointments on monday that I needed take care of(I'm nineteen, and I see a Rhuematologist, isn't that lovely?) Luckily, I got to spend some quality time with my fiancee, my mom, my older sister, and my gorgeous brat of a 5 year old neice.

Well, there’s been quite a few things that I wish I could have covered while I was gone. So here are the tidbits from today and this weekend.

  • Stephen Drew’s promotion has showed us that he’s definitely good with the glove. And after last night’s game (3-4 with two doubles and a triple) we know that he can hit MLB pitching with authority. One of his doubles could have been a triple too, if it weren’t for fan interference causing the ball to be ruled a ground rule double. Drew looked very comfortable in the field over the weekend, and last night, he looked very in tune at the plate for the first time. I think he's gotten the jitters out of his system finally. Looking at Counsell in the clubhouse the last few days, I think he's realized he's lost his starting job.
  • Conor Jackson’s shoulder injury wasn’t nearly as bad as we thought it might have been. He was diagnosed with a minor shoulder strain. An MRI over the weekend revealed no structural damage, and he was back in the lineup last night, but went 0-4
  • Due to Stephen Drew's promotion the MLB club, Miguel Montero has been promoted from Double A Class- Tennesse Smokies to the Triple-A Tucson Sidewinders.
  • The Diamondbacks are also reportedly looking at Indians' starting pitcher Jake Westbrook. I can't see this deal happening without the Diamondbacks giving up a top prospect, which isn't going to happen. If the Indians are willing to look lesser(but still good) prospects like Chris Carter and Scott Hairston, I think we could get a deal done. But my sources tell me that Cleveland won't deal unless they are "blown away"
  • Tony Clark was put on the DL. The starter formerly known as Adrian Rosario has been called up as Stud Reliever Tony Pena.
  • Several teams have shown interest in Miguel Batista and Juan Cruz. Both have been scouted by quite a few teams during the current home stand. Batista's trade stock should have definately gone up with last nights complete game shut out performance. Batista may have a lot of interest due to his versatility to work in different roles. He can start, and relieve. Our lack of starters makes a trade of either very unlikely, but I do think we'd be willing to part with one or both for the right price. Prime Canidates to replace there spots in the rotation would Edgar Gonzales(sent back down to Tucson), Dustin Nippert(who's having on and off again season in AAA, and has been lit up in his starts with big club this year), and Micah Owings, who's rocketed through the system, I don't think he's personally ready yet.
  • The New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers have been reported to be interested in Shawn Green. Both teams however, seem to be more interested in guys like Alfonso Soriano, Bobby Abreu, and even Jose Guillen. I can't really see an Abreu or Soriano deal getting done with the Yanks with out them giving up top prospects like Phil Hughes or Tabata. Green's No Trade Clause isn't even an issue with the Yanks, as he said he would waive it. My gut tells me Green will get traded very soon. There's also been some rumours of some interest in Gonzo. I don't see much of a priority in trading him at this point. I think it's best for all parties if we simply do not pick up the option on his contract for next season. Green however is still under contract next year and should be moved.
  • Dallas Buck RHP, the Diamondbacks third round pick in this year's draft out of CWS winner Oregon State, is deciding weither to undergo Tommy John surgery. He's expected to decide within the week. IMHO, I think it's best to get this out of the way. the success rate of TJ surgery is very high. The surgery would sideline him at least a year, and I wouldn't expect him to be pitching %100 percent until a year after the surgery.

And finally the big news. CARLOS QUENTIN HAS BEEN CALLED UP! His playing time however, could be interesting. Or we could see a rotating platoon system, with Carlos playing in LF and RF, with Green occasionally seeing time at first. However, this move most certaintly means a trade of either Green, Davanon or Byrnes. Byrnes' value is the highest right now, and a source of mine says that Byrnes is very likely to be moved, as he's in a one year contract. Davanon also likely to get moved. I've already gone over Green. And Gonzo, Let's not go there. Right now he's overpayed, underperforming at the plate and in the field and has a 10-5 clause in his contract.

I told you, this is going to be a very interesting stretch for the Diamondbacks. I’ll be following the next few games quite closely. I’m anxious to post tonight’s line up card.


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