Monday, July 24, 2006

Mr. Rizzo Goes to Washington

Today has been a slow news day, except for the fact that one of the most important members of the diamondbacks front office, Mike Rizzo, has left Arizona to become an assistant general manager for the Washington Nationals.

This is a sad day for the Diamondbacks, but a great day for the Nationals. Rizzo, is of course, responsible for the Diamondbacks excellent farm system, which over the winter, has been rated the best farm system in all of baseball by Baseball America, Prospectus, John Sickels, and many others. Under his observation, the Diamondbacks have drafted and signed and produced players like Brandon Webb, Chad Tracy, Dan Uggla, Chris Capuano, Lyle Overbay, Scott Hairston, Carlos Quentin, Conor Jackson, and much of the organizations future. Rizzo has assembled a potential dynasty for Arizona's GM Josh Byrnes. Hopefully, the organization will implement the same drafting philosphy as Rizzo.

I wish Mike Rizzo great luck in Washington. I feel very sorry for the fans of the Braves and Mets right now, becuase I'm sure Rizzo will build another potential dynasty of prospects for the Nationals.

It's unfortunate that we couldn't retain Rizzo, but I do feel this is good for Baseball, and a great career move for Mike.

In 10 years, the nation will know how good Mike Rizzo really is at what he does.


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